It's no picnic these days for many companies - people at every level within many organisations are feeling the strain. When it comes to having the spotlight on you and your job performance don't be blinded by the glare. Be prepared for the issues that your bosses may choose to focus on when deciding who stays and who goes. In fact use the recommendations below to stay one step ahead of the axe. It's your job - keep it yours.

1. Invest in yourself AND your career

These days you need to run to stand still when it comes to developing new work skills. In many areas such as technology and medicine whole careers become long learning curves. In most other industries too, continual education and professional development is also now regarded as the norm, a pre-requisite to success.

If you want your boss to be taking you seriously they will want to see that you are serious about your career development. By opting to take advantage of every suitable in-house training option or by investing your own time and money in outside courses, you will not only improve your skills and become better at your job but also show your bosses that you are serious about your job and your development in it.

2. Be a star

Don't be a 'Jack of all trades' - master at least one. Yes being an all-rounder does have its benefits, by showing range and skills flexibility, you can slot into a variety of scenarios with effect. Most likely though, you'll be underappreciated - a 'water carrier.' It's the stars that people look up - the exceptional talents, the match winners.

Be sure to highlight your core competencies. If you haven't any specialities then you should focus and find at least one area in your business in which you can excel. Being able to demonstrate expertise in a particular area could help convince your boss that you're indispensable.

3. Give your bosses what they want

There are a number of very simple things anyone can focus on to give them a stronger hand when it comes indispensability. Some of them so simple and intuitive that they hardly seem like strategies at all just aspects of everyday working life. In this day, age and competition, no stone should be unturned in your efforts to retain your job. It's all about giving your bosses what they want. Advice like 'looking good' - whist seemingly simplistic shouldn't be overlooked. Life's unfair and good-looking people get the breaks - that's the way it is. Attractiveness is attractive, people like to work with attractive people. Make sure you do your best to appeal.

Be sure to be punctual. People take great offence at being kept waiting by subordinates. You'd be surprised how infuriating lateness can be to colleagues too and how badly it can damage your professional chances. This also relates to deadlines. Do your level best to meet or beet agreed deadlines. The more reliable you are the more likely you'll stay onboard.

Be seen to work hard - whether you actually do or not can be irrelevant. You bosses need to at least feel that you are. Show them.

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