by David Batchelor

You can now download a shopping tool known as the My Shopping Genie to aid you when shopping for products that you would normally find just using the Wal Mart online shopping website. This genie is a smarter way to shop because even though you might find deals you like on Wal Mart's website, the genie will additionally pull up nine other website with competitive deal and offers.

When you have the genie, the tool bar appears across your browser as a banner, or you can choose to have it appear as a box with ten tiles you can click on. The convenience of both views is that you can move either one to anywhere in your browser to avoid it from blocking all the other content you wish to see.

If Wal Mart is one of the top ten websites for best cost of the product you are looking for, then it will be one of the icons that show up on the shopping application tool. In addition to the Wal Mart online shopping website, you will have another nine websites at your fingertips that the genie will suggest as other sites that are also selling your product at a great price. This allows you to find the best deal that can be found on the internet without you having to perform manual and tedious searches.

This application provides a quick and efficient way to shop without having to spend so much time looking for what you want. You do not have to bother with cutting out coupons, searching various websites or going to the store to do your best discounted shopping.

You can get the genie onto your computer by downloading it directly from David Batcxhelor's website. Visit his website by simply clicking on the link in his resource box where it says 'MyShoppingGenie'. With this application on your computer, every time you search a product on a major search engine, the genie will be at work locating the best offers available on the internet and all the information is yours with just a click of a button.

The best feature about this tool is that it provides you with essential savings information without you having to be redirected from your current web browser. You can roll your mouse over any of the ten icons listed and a miniature informational box appears and you have access to the entire page as a preview. This way, you spend less time aimlessly surfing the web.

For more information regarding this application and how to using it before searching Wal Mart online shopping, you may visit David's website yourself by simply clicking on the link below this article where it says 'MyShoppingGenie'. On his page, you will find detailed information on how to obtain this tool and use it effectively for your personal shopping needs. It is safe and fun to use as well as a secure website.

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