There are so many acne skin care products on the market now competing with each other that we don't even know which to choose. Some people have to try several brands before they find what's right for them. Some of these products could vary in prices and a lot of times they are expensive because they are name brand. Other times some skin care products are costly because of the ingredients in the solution. These products come in a few different forms like ointments, medicated pads, and liquid for like a tonic.

There are over the counter ointments and prescription ointments in a creamy form that you would apply to the affected area. If you buy it off the shelf you don't have to worry too much because it wouldn't be too strong but if a dermatologist gives you a prescription then you should use as directed by the doctor. Those with sensitive skin should be very careful because some acne skin care products might have side effects and may cause skin irritation.

Medicated pads could also help people with acne problems. You see them at supermarket and you can even get them from a drugstore. These pads are very easy to use. They are wet and sealed tightly to preserve wetness. Medicated pads look like wet paper towels except they are round and cotton-like. All you have to do is wipe over your face with one especially the area with the most acne. You will notice all the dirt on the pad and feel the freshness right away. Just be careful to seal the package or container after usage otherwise the rest of the medicated pads will dry up and become useless.

What I like to use the most for my face is a liquid tonic. A tonic is kind of like rubbing alcohol, you will need a cotton ball to help you rub it over your face. This works like an astringent, it kills bacteria on your face and prevents further skin blemishes. After you are done you will notice your skin a little tighter and shinier. There are many different brands and colors you can choose from. I like to choose the strongest solution because my skin isn't sensitive at all but you might need to test a small section of your skin before you try anything. For many people a strong solution will cause some irritation.

If you have pimples, zits, blackheads and acne you can try an ointment, medicated pads or a skin tonic. These acne skin care products have chemicals that work to fight blemished and help you get acne free skin. Some people are blessed with clear skin and some just have to work a little hard to get it.

Cynthia writes online about laser scar removal and also gives tips on home remedies for pimples.

10 Hilarious Brand Name Fails

Top 10 badly translated sign fails that are funny!
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Among the many, multi-faceted challenges tied to launching a product or service with global ambitions is settling on a name that speaks to what is a broad, widespread and multi-lingual demographic. It can be difficult to settle on phrasing that is able to convert a chosen message across a broad spectrum of cultural and language barriers without something getting lost or redefined along the way. Just ask Apple Inc., which learned the hard way that SIRI, iPhone’s personal assistant software, translates to mean a rather vulgar word for penis in the Georgian language.

So it’s hard to blame these foreign companies for losing something in translation upon releasing products with names that are, admittedly, pretty amusing to English-speaking consumers. That is, in the event that these actually are mistakes. While some of the items listed here are clearly innocent translation errors, some do seem to be deliberate, tongue-in-cheek attempts to be provocative and to draw a few more eyeballs with some curiously worded packaging. Indeed, in an era where any online blog can generate millions of views from across the world, a silly product from Ghana can become a worldwide phenomenon immediately.

While these translation faux pas can be highly amusing for consumers and other on-lookers, they can represent awfully expensive mistakes for the corporations unfortunate enough to make them. Sometimes, a company will lose money on a dud of an ad campaign over a cultural mis-step, as was the case when Pampers flopped in Japan after including a stork delivering babies on its packaging and thereby confusing Japanese customers who weren’t familiar with that culture-specific folklore. Other times, a poorly researched marketing campaign launch can wind up retracted at a significant expense over a translation snafu, such as when HSBC Bank’s “Assume Nothing” tagline translated to “Do Nothing” in many countries, prompting a million brand overhaul overseas.

We in North America are hardly perfect when it comes to branding messages that don’t quite hit the target overseas. On top of the iPhone and HSBC Bank fiascoes, KFC initially ran into trouble in China when it’s “Finger-lickin’ good” tagline translated to the less appealing “Eat your fingers off”. Surely other countries could build their own lists of product launches stemming from the US that went comically awry when they crossed the ocean. For the purposes of this list, however, we focused in on products that, whether knowingly or unknowingly, carry a certain – and undeniably entertaining - charge when translated to English.

Whether these are unintentionally hilarious miscues or deliberate, devilish winks from marketers who know they will draw some added attention, it’s hard to believe that any of these raunchily-titled products will have English-speaking consumers flocking to the grocery store or the web to buy them. Unless, of course, sucking down a “Vergina beer” is your sort of thing. But hey, they will certainly get you aware and talking. And isn’t that just the point of brand marketing?

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