The more luxurious and expensive a skin care product is, the more effective it is! That's the message the big famous brand skin care companies have been 'sending out' for many years now.

As a consumer, do you believe that those super expensive (so-called) 'elite' anti aging skin care creams and serums are, with doubt, more superior and contain the most effective and most recent 'break through' anti aging ingredients, (in clinically effective dose amounts?)

Well, here's the truth of the matter. The famous 'big-brand' skin care companies do not churn out the most effective anti aging skin care formulas in the industry.


Yes, really! Here's the simple basics of why!

Firstly, it's connected to massive organizational structures and highly complex global supply-chain/distribution structures. The logistics of releasing an up-to-date formula based on a new 'breakthrough or recently discovered ingredient, to tens of thousands of outlets worldwide, is an unbelievably complex undertaking.

The net result is that the elite skin care companies need long lead in times in order to release a new formula/product. Generally speaking, a two year lead in is pretty close to what they generally need! It's impossible for them to achieve the flexibility of smaller, 'lean' companies who can take advantage of new ingredient innovations by getting products to market within a handful of months.

This is the pure and simple reason why 'elite' brand anti aging skin care products are generally not up to date nor based on the most effective skin care science currently available.

Their superior marketing however conjures up a believable illusion that they are!


All skin care companies, big and small, reputable or not, know precisely what product savvy, 21st century consumers expect from an effective anti aging skin product. In a nutshell, it must (tangibly) decrease the visible signs of aging by taking on specific key factors such as:

Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Working on sun damage, age spots, freckles, blotches and so on
Improving firmness and elasticity of the skin
Creating a more youthful appearance that you can actually acknowledge (without having to stare in the mirror for hours on end trying to spot the differences!)

The elite brand companies go to remarkable lengths to make sure their target markets are informed on the latest, cutting edge skin renewal technology which can attain these product goals. You'd be hard pressed to find any regular buyer of skin care products who doesn't know that the latest anti aging skin care science is based on 3 things:

Remedying the loss of collagen and elastin
Boosting diminishing levels of hyaluronic acid
Reducing the deadly effects of oxidation from the action of free radicals

So, here's the problem. The elite brand skin care companies use their sophisticated marketing skills to make sure we all know that these three 'cutting edge' skin care 'basics' are what is needed to deal effectively with the primary causes of skin aging. BUT in reality their products simply do not address all three, and do not contain the presently most effective ingredients.

For the reasons I outlined above, they simply can't afford to create skin care formulas that effectively target all three approaches. A basic evaluation of their active ingredients tells us that they typically target just one, and in the best case scenario, 'two', of these three fundamental causes of skin aging!

It's critically important that you understand these causes of skin aging are INTERRELATED so unless you address all three of them simultaneously, you will be largely unsuccessful with your anti aging agenda.

Now, we come to the heart of the matter in terms of evaluating the 'effectiveness' potential of any anti aging skin care therapy. It's simple and straightforward! A product must contain clinically proven ingredients which tackle ALL THREEcauses of skin aging.

But that's just the first step. You must keep in mind that there are effective 'anti aging' ingredients and then there ARE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE 'anti aging' ingredients! So, we need to have some idea of how to judge the 'DEGREE OF EFFECTIVENESS' of any 'anti aging' ingredients being used. (That's where articles such as this one come in.)

This of course, is the area where the famous-brand companies work particularly hard with their marketing spin, as they attempt to create the perception in their customer's mind that the product is far more effective than it really is.

The financial impact of expense heavy marketing and distribution set-ups, huge inflexible organizational structures and immense pressure (ie. GREED) from shareholders, all take their toll. These financial pressures, along with the fact that the elite brand companies always formulate and manufacture products to a pre-determined price, means that, although they do contain SOME effective, clinically proven' ingredients (up to 2 years 'old' and therefore usually no longer the 'most effective' choices), they can only afford to include them in VERY MINUTE AMOUNTS!

What is common in the skin care industry is to include an effective, proven ingredient, for which a product label statement/claim can be made, but to include it in totally ineffective, minute quantities!

In other words, the ingredient amounts used are nowhere near the levels at which the ingredient has been confirmed effective in clinical research.

As an example, let's say that the best results for a given ingredient were created with a 3% concentration. So, of course that is the concentration which a skincare company should use. Instead however, we see companies using pitiful amounts like in 0.2% (rather than the clinically established 3%) so that legally they can 'show it off' on the product label as an active ingredient.

The formula is then filled up mainly with water, glycerine and other cheap ingredients to create the cream.


The tiny concentrations of active ingredients used in elite brand products make it 'unachievable' for those products to ever give you the full extent of their 'awesome sounding' marketing claims (for the bulk of users)!

Please take note that I'm not categorically saying that you simply can't/won't get substantial anti aging results from an expensive elite brand skin care product! What I'm wanting to stress and impress on you however is that the results you'll get from elite brand products, to whatever extent, are not representative of the MOST EFFECTIVE results scientifically possible AND they give incredibly inferior value for money because of their grossly over-inflated purchase prices.

As you probably already know, the famed 'elite' brand anti aging skin care creams and serums are not priced in line with the expense of manufacturing them! They are priced at the uppermost price-point which the market will bear.Paying around $ 70, $ 80, $ 100 and beyond is wasting money. It's simply not necessary to spend those amounts of cash to get the results you're expecting.

Oh, and the other important issue with respect to elite brand-name skin care cosmetics is their safety. It's a critical topic to investigate because it's an area where the majority of companies (including the elite brands) have things to hide. Visit my website 'skincare-antiaging-secrets' with the links in the author resource box below to learn about dangerous ingredients in skin care products.


The safest, scientifically most effective anti aging skin products are always coming out of mid sized companies, who, you're probably unlikely to be acquainted with (unless you're in the know!)

Instead of generating huge marketing reach through huge marketing budgets, their marketing philosophies are based on word of mouth from satisfied consumers and by selling straight to the end-user online only. This is the most 'expenditure effective' business paradigm presently available in the health/beauty industries. Steering well clear of expensive marketing and distribution methodologies, allows these flexible companies to allocate massive savings back into their products.

What that means for you is:

The most effective 'breakthrough' active ingredients
In scientifically established quantities
Completely all natural ingredients (total avoidance of chemical based ingredients)

And there's one last key issue - one which drives the best skin care companies to the top. They keep their profit margins low and price their products in line with the cost of producing them! (They're happy to take a reasonable/fair profit!)


"The 'most effective' anti aging skin care product ingredients." I used this sentence several times. These, of course, are what we all want to know about and look into. So, in my next article I'm going to focus on this for you. That means I'll be discussing:



The 'Big Three' are the current 'breakthrough' anti aging ingredients!

The clinical research supporting them, particularly in stimulating collagen and elastin regrowth and increasing hyaluronic acid levels, are exceptional. That's why they're creating so much buzz in the industry right now.

My friends (aka. 'spies') working in the skin care industry tell me that the elite skin care companies are gearing up to release new anti aging products based around the 'Big Three'. (If you're loyal to 'elite' brand products, dont' forget those long lead in times. You'll be waiting a long time.)

The business which manufactures the anti aging skin care product I personally use already contains the 'Big Three'. The bottom line of why I selected to use this company's products is purely because they use the 'Big Three' in the EXACT concentrations as those contained in successful clinical research.

'Xtend-Life' is the name of the company and they are based in New Zealand. Their set-up falls in line with the cost effective organizational/production criteria I outlined above. A lean, flexible, medium sized (family owned) company, selling direct to the shopper via the internet only. There are no shareholders or venture capitalists connected to the company and so on. That's basically the reason they manage to sell these highly effective cell rejuvenation skin care products at a half to a third of the cost of the luxury brand name products.

The Xtend-Life business strategy is spot on (if only all skin care companies would share the same vision):

'Formulate and manufacture the most effective anti aging skin care cream formulas according to the most recent skin care science, and then provide unbeatable value for money by keeping profit margins low and fair!'

As a result there is no incentive for other companies to try and duplicate their product formulas!

When we consider medium sized skin care companies, like Xtend-Life, I can tell you there are other great skin care companies out there who already use one or (in not so many cases) two of the 'Big Three' AND at the recommended clinical dose amounts. But I know of none that combine multiple actives in a synergistic way like the Xtend-Life skin care formulas have ... in other words none that have the same level of active ingredients in their finished product.

Xtend-Life use more than 40 active ingredients in their anti aging products. All of which are safe enough to snack on (ALL NATURAL - ABSOLUTELY NO CHEMICALS), and proven in clinical trials to be TRULY EFFECTIVE!

Brett Seagrott is the creator of and
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