Urban residential population is concentrated, and the construction of a large number of the matching facilities such as shopping malls, markets, schools, kindergartens, hotels, hospitals and other gathering places personnel, resulting in fire danger is high. Most residential area away from the urban case, the fire is relatively weak infrastructure, residential fire inside the building since the beginning of fire fighting facilities can not meet the needs of residential settings with security door security network form a human barrier to fire and rescue work led to great difficulties, but also to fire the work of the new requirements.

  If using automatic fire alarm system, it is an effective fire prevention, control fire and to minimize fire losses of important measures. Then choose what kind of fire alarm system is best suited for? According to the different level of building fire protection, general alarm system has the following three types.

One control center alarm systems Control center's fire alarm control alarm system located in the fire control room, equipment and other fire control equipment, linkage, using decentralized control and centralized remote control in two ways, the fire-fighting equipment working status feedback signal that showed In the fire control room monitor or total console to fire safety within the building to conduct a comprehensive monitoring and management. Detection alarm system control center in the region up to hundreds or even thousands.

Second, focus on alarm system Centralized alarm system should be set by hand on duty within a room or fire duty room, or will it lead to the fire control room output, contribute to the overall building fire alarm system centralized control and unified management.

Third, the regional warning system A regional warning system, the area alarm controller should not exceed three, because the focus is not set alarm controller, too much area when the fire alarm is not easy but dispersed centralized monitoring and management.

These three systems should be in the actual application process to be used under specific circumstances.

Then automatic fire alarm system fire detectors how should use it?

Fire detector is to use a fire smoldering early stage there is a lot of smoke and a small amount of heat produced, to the earlier discovery of fire hazards, smoke detectors should be used. Intelligent Community of the fire protection systems and more use of such detectors.

For the smoke detector is, in no-smoking, clean environment, a place with better conditions, such as computer rooms, stacks, etc., use level sensitivity, for the general sites, such as bedroom, living room, etc., used level sensitivity. For often a small amount of smoke, environmental conditions often change places, such as meeting rooms and shopping malls, etc., select the sensitivity level .

And automatic fire alarm control alarm controller can be divided into regional and centralized alarm controller. Both in its composition and working principle of the similar, but have selected the following differences:

1. Area alarm controller range is small, can be used alone, and concentrate alarm controller responsible for the entire system, not alone.

2. Regional alarm control signal from the various detectors, alarm control and concentrate on the signal input from the regional general alarm detector.

3. Regional alarm detector must have the self-test function, but should focus on self-test and alarm control inspection two functions.

Because of these differences, use the two can not be confused. When the monitoring area is small, can be used alone formed a regional alarm control fire alarm control system, it can not replace the regional concentration of alarm control alarm controller to use.

Fire alarm control fire alarm can be used alone, but also disaster prevention and fire fighting systems with automatic linkage to form the automatic alarm joint control system.

Recent years, with the development of 3G technology, 3G, as the representative of high-tech, relying on GPS, GSM and GIS are three modern high-tech intelligent fire alarm system, fire is really a revolution.

GPS, or Global Positioning System. Initially mainly used for military purposes, may at any time, any place to provide users with three-dimensional position, velocity and time information service system. Worldwide, around the clock to provide users with continuous, real-time navigation and positioning. High positioning accuracy, speed, good anti-jamming performance. The system is now widely used in military, scientific research, as well as transportation, mapping, communication, exploration and other fields, has penetrated into people's daily lives, such as the residential area of intelligent management and medical care and so on.

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