According to law enforcement officials 90 percent of all home break-ins can be avoided. Statistics show that 60 percent of all home burglaries happened through unlocked doors and windows. The value of goods stolen in all home burglaries is in the billions of dollars annually. The damage done to homes that are broken into is also in the billions of dollars. Don't you think it's worth a little bit of effort to protect your home and prevent it from being burglarized?

With a little bit of effort you can "harden your home" as a target. The first and most obvious way is to start locking your doors and windows even when you're at home. If you haven't joined a neighborhood watch, consider joining or starting one in your neighborhood. They are free and very effective. Try putting up a sign in your front yard warning of a vicious guard. All these things are free and require very little effort.

The best way protect your home for less than $ 100.00 is with a barking dog alarm. It is multifunctional alarm that allows you to "see" through wood, cement, brick or glass walls. When an intruder enters the hundred degree triangle of protection the alarm starts barking like an angry dog. The volume and range can be adjusted with maximum range of 20 feet away.

Without a doubt the best way to protect your home over $ 100.00 is with some home security cameras. You can get easy to install, easy to use cameras one for your front door and one for your back door for less than $ 300.00. Isn't your home worth $ 300.00 to protect it? I do!

These are the best two home security products.

When are you getting some?

Hidden cameras are very specialized products. You don't find them everywhere. Where is the best place to buy cheap hidden security cameras? You can get several for under one hundred dollars on the Internet. Then choose a distributor who offers service, tech support and very competitive prices. All websites are not equal.

A covert hidden spy camera can be an even better deterrent than a burglar alarm or a security guard. A camera can be used to identify the bad guys catching them red handed indoors or outdoors.

Can you use a spy hidden camera for home, office or business? You actually can't afford to not have one! Find out what is going on when you are not there at home, your business or office from anywhere in the world.

Chances are if you are reading this that crime has touched your life in some way or you consider yourself at risk. Take the next step and do something to protect yourself! Your life, home security and safety is worth far more than the cost of a hidden camera.

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Barking Dog Alarm

Home Security Cameras

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