He is always wanted products Proxy Business, but the heart is full of contradictions: a select agent or an unknown brand well-known brands (including non-brand and new brand)?

As many world famous brand has successfully represented companies Management By Xu Duo that, in order to Clothing And shoes and other industries for decades has been the brand of the world. Create its own brand, will have to devote tremendous attention to pay a lot of money, agents well-known brand is a shortcut to go to others for decades or even centuries to take over the product, can save a lot of work.

"But the agency branded products and non-branded products are also advantages and disadvantages," Brother Blue Chi Yang Shanghai Marketing Consulting CEO in Fiji that the ability to resist risks for those not strong in terms of small and medium sized agencies, in particular, should pay attention to the difference.

Top brand products, can easily attract attention, gathering popularity, winning the subscription rates and consumer awareness, the advantage is obvious. But the lack of lies, brand and medium-sized agents, the margins are not high, the price margins are small, and even "off the big bullying the shop." Most name brand companies are often agents of the strength of the matching service and meticulous, while medium and small agencies often underestimated and even ignored, so that small agents "hot face close to the cold ass."

In many cases, small and medium enterprises in the brand in front of agents, forced to endure harsh conditions, relatively weak role, almost no voice. The entire value chain from the perspective of marketing brands in the industry can enhance its persuasiveness. When the negotiations at the retail end, it can be weak into a strong, access to resources through retail outlets, and enhance the right to speak. So many agents to earn money for little or no circumstances, will choose to agency brand, as is making popular.

The agent is not an unknown brand products make popular money. As consumer acceptance of non-branded products is low, such enterprises themselves will be realistic and reasonable position, they attract the greatest magic is the primary agent of profits in a large space, good service attitude, logistics and distribution is not bad. "No benefit can not afford early, driven by the interests of medium and small agencies are willing to do such business. But there are drawbacks, not the brand of these products, it is difficult to attract attention, gathering popularity. Distribution of non-mainstream products, agents industry low status, and the competitors and upstream and downstream enterprises in the form of the value chain, little voice. "

Agency or non-famous brand name, make money or earn popularity, the game between the two seems difficult to balance. Proposed in Fiji, from a strategic perspective, the two should go hand in hand, not favoritism; and tactical sense, the concept should be around. For medium and small agents to a small number of well-known brand with many unknown brands to establish a small number of high-profile brand image and stable cash flow, while relying on an unknown brand for more money, better effect.

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