There are dreams that are big enough to share, and few dreams are as big as Chicago's love of the automobile. After all, one of the nation's largest and longest-running automobile shows has been held in Chicago almost every year since 1901! Besides being a showcase for all that's new and upcoming in the car industry, it's a place where dealers can make sales. Given Chicago's continuing innovation and expansion in transit, there will always be a need for personal transportation. The commuting convenience offered by the Chicago Transit Authority and the Metra rail systems don't cover all needs; people still always need their own cars. And, simple as it may seem, where there is a need to buy, there is an opportunity to sell.

Why not be the person to take that opportunity?

At the entry level, one can expect a salary of around $ 25,000, with almost every major dealership offering a 401(k) plan, health insurance (medical and dental), and a car/demo allowance. A lot of places elsewhere don't offer that last benefit, but Chicago is a competitive place, in several senses of the phrase, and the dealerships work to attract -- and keep -- the best. Higher-end outlets will even offer paid vacation days! It's hard to beat Chicago as a market place, in no small part because the city is itself a market place. It has sheer population to support sales volume, and plenty of entrepreneurs and financiers with disposable income for high-end purchases. That's what you can get a piece of by selling cars in Chicago. With commissions, it's not that difficult to make half again or even double your base salary in your first year -- and of course, with a proven track record, the base salary will climb as well. Top-notch salesmen can make over $ 90,000! Even falling short of that lofty mark still makes for a pretty good living.

Working (and living) in Chicago is its own sort of joy, because when the work day is done, the city has everything a major city has to offer, everything that could be expected, and then even more things waiting to be discovered. World-class arts and entertainment, renowned museums, major league sports, vibrant night life, abundant live music, and great food -- an unbeatable combination!

Chicago's rich tradition of clearing out and rebuilding better doesn't just apply to downtown skyscrapers, it applies to roads as well, it's a way of life ingrained by decades of tradition. The recession has fostered a lot of clearing out -- now, the time is right to step in and start rebuilding. While the need to purchase cars never goes away completely, many people held off and didn't buy during the worst part of the recession. But that only delays the inevitable, and recent upswings in the auto sales market show that people are buying now. A ready-made market to step in to! And with all of the benefits, both financial and in personal living, jumping on this opportunity is clearly a good career move.

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