Wood industry in 2009 is a more difficult year, the financial impact of the crisis still exists, the RMB appreciation, rising freight rates and the increase in timber export duties to the corporate way of existence Wood added danger and did not realize that, in order to protect the environment, promotion of sustainable economic development, many countries have a ban on logging, wood industry, which is undoubtedly is worse.

1, environmental protection, multi-national logging ban

1, Daxinganling Ban on Logging

From the Heilongjiang Provincial Environmental Protection Department was informed that the size of Xing'an forest ecological protection and economic transformation has already started. From 2010 onwards, the size of Xing'an ecological function area will be a full cessation of tree felling production, the restoration of barren hills and forests, by 2020, forest coverage in the region will exceed 70%. The so-called felling refers to the mature forest or part of the mature forest to logging in order to obtain wood, update the forest.

Size Xinganling is an important forest reserve area, over the past few decades due to over-harvesting, resource consumption and a huge first turn of the century, Daxinganling region drastically reduced the total forest stock can be taken close to mature forest resource depletion, forest ecosystem severely damage.

Since the implementation of "Natural Forest Protection Project" has been a substantial reduction of timber production Xing'anling. A gradual decline in the amount of timber extraction in Northeast China's timber supply situation change with it. Within the next few years, Xing'an will be a ban on logging, Northeast timber supply will be significantly reduced, with an estimated over 400 million cubic meters of capacity, therefore reducing the Northeast timber market supply will continue to decline, a shortage of material the situation will lead to higher prices for the Northeast .

2, Sierra Leone government to ban logging

According to Ghana's "graphic Business Weekly" reported that recently, President of Sierra Leone said in a statement, the Cypriot government to prohibit all logging and export of timber, and urged all departments to increase supervision, to prosecute persons violating the provisions of the confiscation of property. He pointed out that in recent years, the ozone layer due to deforestation caused by their own great damage to the natural environment is deteriorating.

3, Nigeria, Cross River State government to ban logging

In 2009, Nigeria's Cross River state government announced a ban on logging and trafficking in the state within the timber, which provides for the immediate effect for a period until the introduction of sustainable logging policy. The state government said it has issued all the logging and timber trafficking in licenses, permits would become void.

Second, wood companies how to deal with the impact of logging ban

1, deep wood processing enterprises is the only way to

The overall quality of China's forestry industry is not high, forest enterprises in the technological strength, resource utilization, scientific and technological achievements and contributions to the conversion rate is much lower than the world advanced level.

Logging ban policy of gradual implementation of the timber business enterprises should change the traditional mode of thinking, took the opportunity to achieve technological upgrading and structural optimization, effectively enhance the level of forestry processing services, vigorously introduce domestic and foreign capital and technology, from traditional raw materials and developing the deep processing of timber industry transition, that pushed for logs, sawn timber, plywood, furniture, wood products and other industries go hand in hand.

2, self-built fast-growing forest

Logging ban in place, the harvesting of natural forest resources may be less and less, but the best alternative to fill the gap varieties are planted. Plantation benefit planning, growth, cultivation and development of plantations will become a trend. Pine, for example, the Northeast white pine, larch, Mongolian Scotch pine wood-based panels made popular sought after market, can be strengthened by cultivating high-quality pine, and processed into wood-based panel products to promote.

Through a substantial reduction of timber production, reduce resource consumption, to restore the growth of forest resources and increase the cultivation of tree planting efforts to achieve "Green mountains are always there, and sustainable use objectives."

With the logging ban policies at home and abroad to strengthen, wood raw material supply and demand ever more pronounced. Prohibition of logging is to the socio-economic development and ecological protection and coordinated development. To achieve sustainable development. Enterprises face the logging ban has brought the price of timber supply crisis, should make more efforts to open up emerging markets, timber, advocated market diversification, reduce production costs and ease pressure on companies importing the same time, qualified enterprises can go out and strengthen co-operation outside the to achieve complementary advantages.

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