Clothing Many are relying on store clerks are paid commission, in such circumstances, staff and customers naturally want better communication, sell more Clothing . Closer to customer premises, Sell An important step, is also a very skilled job. It has done good, not only narrow the psychological distance with the customers but also to facilitate transactions as quickly as possible; the other hand, did not open it scares away consumers. Take a look at the following principle, may give the staff to provide experience in Shopping guide the process.

1. Take the initiative to solicit business

Clothing store clerk must take the initiative, there is affinity. When there is no customer in the shop that actively seeks out clients, rather than sitting quietly waiting for the shop. When a customer approached, a very good greeting, so that customers do not go take a look at all embarrassed. Courtesy warm greeting can pull a lot of customers approached the shop. Customers into the store, see it as selling clothes clothing good foundation.

2. Greetings clothes to highlight the characteristics of

Say hello, take the initiative in introducing the characteristics of their shops, for example, the new clothing just arrived, to discounts, exclusive Korean clothing, and so the language can be introduced with a brief to the customer, increase customer focus. After all, who is also like new clothes, but who would also like to use the least money to the best clothes.

3. To avoid over-enthusiasm, to give customers free

I think we must have the experience, sometimes we in the store or shopping mall will be met with some over-enthusiastic Shopping guide, they will come all the way and say hello when you walked into her corner, the He is followed and to the refused to leave, and the chatter began to present their clothes to how. As a customer who like to have a kind of loose free shopping environment for their viewing and selecting, indiscriminate introduction of white but it makes them feel a kind of invisible pressure as early as possible "escape." Therefore, we should avoid "not overly enthusiastic."

4. Mind sharp, active introduce alternative

Initiative to ask the customer what kind of clothing, this is very important, if customers want to buy their own pants or shirts feedback, which means customers do come to buy clothes. The next step in introducing staff can be more targeted the. After inquiry, if the customer does not shop when you want to style, take the initiative to introduce a similar fashion to replace. Can not directly say no, and then letting customers out of the shop

5. Lead the customer into the fitting room

When the customer still does not agree with the views of staff time, the excess shall not say, then ask the customer to try the best, because then the language is feeble, say it is empty if empty, say more Customers also cause resentment, anger and even customers to promote customer leave. To prove his point while remaining customers spent more time in the store, ask the customer to try the best use of the effect of once again tried to guide customers.

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