Tip number 1. 

In the men's fashion silhouettes. A traditional white shirt - just the peak. It can not even fly. Just "borrow" from her husband or boyfriend, father or brother, his white shirt. The more that men do not often wear them. The question arises as to what to wear. Yes, with anything! Possible with jeans, pants can be, and can even over the little black dress. All in your hands. Place the experiments.

Tip number 2.

Shoes - expensive. You do not have opportunities for every outfit specially to buy a new pair? There is a way. Buy a shoe that will go with any suit. Choose a classic model, which has already established itself. Looking for a trendy models. Extravagant things quickly lose its relevance. Choose shoes in black or solid colors - these colors do not go out of fashion.

Tip number 3.

His hands do yourself a necklace. Massive, noticeable necklace is very popular. And things made by hands are especially appreciated. These beads can be worn with anything. And you can make them from old, out of fashion jewelry. Or buy in the store individual beads, crystals, glass beads. Can dream up, to experiment.

Tip number 4.

Want the old dress began to play in new ways. The secret is simple. Wash, thoroughly wring out and utyuzhte. Totally go for the latest novelty from Prada. Zhataya fabric - the hit of the season. Oddly enough, but the kind of chic models. Courageous ladies forget about the iron.

Tip number 5.

Your lovely head, too, require attention. Any ribbon will go for jewelry. Bandage on his head back. This is not only beautiful but also convenient. Fits any tape of any width, any color. And the thin and wide ribbon look elegant. A bright colors will add to your image of lightness and brightness.

Tip number 6.

Forget black. In a fashion brilliance. Red, green, yellow and blue. The brighter the better. Why to drive themselves in mourning. Black wait. Brightness, color, good mood. Bright clothes - trendy and not expensive.

Tip number 7.

In a fashion convenience. Leggings are still relevant, but somewhat modified. Today, fashion jogging. These are loose trousers, cuffed at the ankle. Comfortable training clothes. But please make this image zest. Wear heels! Now you are at altitude.

Tip number 8.

Bring not a handbag, a proprietary package. Expensive shops are packed in a sturdy shopping bags with the logos of famous brands. Why hide such a good thing. If you do not have such a package - ask a friend. Feel rich when you can not really be so.

Tip number 9.

Transform your business suit beyond recognition. It's very simple. Put on the belt. You can even male. Wide belt with large buckle the intricate accentuate your femininity. And a business suit will cease to be overly formal.

Tip number 10.

Combine classic and ethnics. For example, wear a black jacket with a strict massive necklace with wooden and stone elements. This combination looks very impressive. Connoisseurs of fashion and style pay much attention to such trifles.

Tip number 11.

Torn pair of jeans. Do not dispose of them, not in any way. Ask what to do with them? Tear in several places, soak in bleach. And get trendy varenki. Fashion made round - returned the Nineties. Broad shoulders, jeans varenki, torn knee ...

Tip number 12.

Lucky this season with the bags. What you want - and so choose. Large, small, leather, textiles, knitting. Nobody is chasing it for "this" bag.

Tip number 13.

In a fashion comfort. Return grandfather's pajamas made of satin is very unusual. Now put her modern fashionista, but not at night and by day. A top pajamas, in combination with a skirt - a fashionable suit. Style lounge wear is becoming popular not only among those who like comfort.

Tip number 14.

Find your old black trousers. Give them a second life. Cut them, turnedto fashionable Bermuda shorts. And so, without financial cost you will receive a brand new, trendy thing in the locker room.

You can dress fashionably, but not expensive. In the fashion economy. Crisis since the yard.



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