I have been visiting Disney World in Florida since the year it opened. I now take my son there every chance I can.  I know how expensive it is, and I certainly could not afford Disney without the help of the many discounts and tips that I have found online.

The first tip I would share is the park tickets. If you are a member of the military, or a civilian working at a military base (DOD employee) you can purchase the park tickets right on base and save quite a bit of money.  Or, if you are already in Florida, you can purchase your tickets at Shades Of Green right on Disney Property. But remember you will need your ID to do so. Shades of Green also offers discount tickets to other area attractions as well which helps a lot when you are trying to save money.

Eating - Make your reservations early if you are doing a sit down meal. And if you have a child who is too old for the "children's" menu that is not a big eater-ask if they can order from the children's menu anyways, a lot of the restaurants do allow this, which saves you money. I myself have ordered from the children's menu because I just cannot eat a lot in the Florida heat.  I have also split a meal because I just cannot eat all that food.

The dining plan works for alot of people, and it is cheaper for some. For myself and my son, it does not work out since I barely eat and would end up wasting food. But it really is a good option if you can do it.

I also bring small foods for Breakfast such as granola bars, little cereal boxes, etc. to eat in the room, and then have a later lunch, only eating one or two meals at the parks. Note: the sit down meal at lunch is always cheaper than the dinner sit down meal. Of course one breakfast we never miss is Chef Mickeys. That is a must do on one morning of our trip.

We always search online on the Disney forums (the dis board is my fav.) for any new things going on or information from those that just got back and find tons of freebies, or fun stuff to do that doesn't cost any extra.  There are loads of tips and tricks, and information on discounts for everything from shopping to meals and hotel discounts.

But the best discount information by far has been found in a book written by an Ex Disney Cast Member who knows all the secrets, all the discounts, all the how to's, hidden entrances, and more. She has been there, she has saved hundreds if not over a thousand on her vacation and has helped countless others do the same. This includes a news anchor from NBC News.  She knows where to find all the best discounts, when to go, how to stay at the most expensive resorts for little money, how to shop for less, save on tickets, and anything to do with Disney. Not just discounts, she offers you tips and tricks to have the BEST Disney vacation ever.!

Proven to work, Tried by a member of NBC News. Read the Disney Insider Secrets to Help You Save Hundreds on your next trip to Disney World.

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