So far, China's counterfeit brand and product quality problems are often met with criticism from Western countries, the opposite is rarely heard example. So it was asserted that this is an increasingly powerful China to take the revenge, a trade war is inevitable.

German "Bild" that due to quality issues, the Chinese authorities to take a crack down on the European brand fashion manufacturer measures. Zhejiang, China announced that due to quality to meet the criteria, some European brands of some products were confiscated. Chinese authorities are investigating to determine which stores are still Sell From France, Italy, Turkey and Vietnam related products.

Allegedly confirmed by testing, there are quality products that are all favored by Chinese consumers Boutique Clothing Brand related to the world's big Hugo boss (HugoBoss), Hermes (Hermes), Versace (Versace), Dolce & Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana) and Chu Saadi (Trussardi), etc.. Product types involved Jeans , T shirt Shirt, Dress , Pants, Jacket Shirts and short skirts and so on. Reported sampling results, an excessive amount of formaldehyde in jeans, could lead to consumer difficulty in breathing, caused skin diseases and even lead to skin cancer. But so far, Zhejiang, China Government has not announced specific figures related to confiscation of the products.

Especially by Chinese men big HugoBoss respected German manufacturer recognized the quality of their products in China to accept random checks were indeed rejected because of quality problems identified. Headquarters in Metzingen, Germany, a spokesman of the company, said: "There a very few cases, slight discrepancies in the quality requirements, such as fading or color purity of the products have been proven not up to standard." But the company The spokesman stressed that under the European enterprise standard, Boss enterprise product line with quality testing requirements.

Giant of China, one of Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing Mao garment down Dragon Boss spokesman for the President and the views of Mao Fengwei identity: "I am more agree with the statement HugoBoss, the standard in Europe and China may be the current standard indicators are some differences in test This's normal. "

While the deepening of global integration process, but Textile Industry, in Europe, the United States, Canada, China and Japan have had their own quality control standards. Therefore, according to Maofeng Wei said, brand finished products in Europe may not be performed on the Chinese market standards for formaldehyde content.

No harm no matter how Chinese consumers think the quality of goods in Europe lack the big problem, Boss company spokesman said, although there are deficiencies, but the Boss products and failure to take harmful substances, there is no need to recall related to China products.

Also in the industry believe that Westerners always pointing to the Chinese clothing products, and now China is taking the same measures are not to blame. Maofeng Wei also worried that this may be the occurrence of Suit Installation trade implications. "In a sense, to a certain extent. I think it may be a trade war, a kind of technical barriers. We have been learning German standards, but not necessarily in Germany learning our standards, this is a problem. Germany have always put themselves more important than higher, (but) their standard may not be suitable for China's standards. "

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