EBay is a pretty fun and safe place to shop provided that you know what to look for and what to avoid while making a purchase. The fact of the matter is that there are many sellers on eBay who are not genuine. In order to avoid getting ripped off by such sellers, it is better to arm yourself with some tips on how to shop safely on eBay.


Check Feedback

One of the first things that buyers should check out when buying on eBay is the feedback of the sellers. This is should be done prior to looking at the listing. As a general rule buyers should not buy from sellers whose feedback is below 98 percent. Read the feedback very carefully and pay close attention to negative feedbacks. It is best to avoid seller who has been getting lots of negative feedback recently.



Before bidding on the listed item, a buyer should check it out thoroughly to avoid problems later. See if the listed items include accessories or not. If you are able to buy the same item plus accessories at the same price at retail, then there is obviously no need to buy from eBay.


Read the details of the listed item. Check out the photos. If they are of good quality and show the item in detail, then you are dealing with a reputable seller. Poor quality pictures often indicate that something is wrong and it is best to steer away. Items whose condition is unknown or have not been tested should be avoided.


Shipping Cost And Terms

Check out the price and the shipping cost. Buyers should avoid bidding for items whose shipping costs are not listed. This is very important because you would not want to buy a $ 10 product and pay $ 100 for shipping. Also check the return policy. As a general rule, buyers should avoid sellers who do not list their return and shipping policy.


If the listed item and the deal seem too good to be true, then it probably is.


If there are any questions, make sure you ask the seller before bidding. Also learn as much as you can about the seller. Go to the ME page or the main store page and you can read about the store policies.


Payment Methods

Check out the payment methods offered by the seller. It is best to do business with sellers who are offering PayPal, checks or credit cards. Sellers who insist on Western Union transfers or money orders should be avoided.


Before making a bid make sure that your eBay account is upto date. Many buyers fail to update their personal information and as a result become ineligible for Pay Pal Buyer Protections or eBay Buyer Protections. Therefore, if you have moved recently make sure that you update it on your account.


When you are bidding, make sure that you do it accurately so as to avoid problems later on.


It is important for the buyer to pay quickly after he has won the auction. Once the payment has been made, you should notify the seller. The seller will then tell you about the transit time. However, you should keep in mind that it might take a little longer.


Once you have received the item, make sure that you check it immediately. If there are any problems, contact the seller immediately so that things can be resolved amicably. Writing a negative feedback even before contacting the seller will most likely make him less willing to work things out with you.


With these tips in mind, you are more likely to have a pleasant buying experience at eBay. Always keep in mind that when you are shopping at eBay, you always have to be extra careful to avoid getting ripped off.

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