If you shop at Lollipop Moon or other top baby boutiques, you may have a lot of cool kids clothes and hip baby clothes in your little one's closet. Accessorizing is key to make hip kid clothes look even better and to also add variety to your child's wardrobe. A simple belt or hair piece is all it takes to transform your little one's trendy baby clothes into a whole different outfit. Here are a few tips from top baby boutique, Lollipop Moon on how to jazz up your child's wardrobe with accessories.

Cool Kid Belts - Lollipop Moon has several cool kid belts available. A belt will not only help keep your little one's pants up, but it can change the whole mood of an outfit. For example, Lollipop Moon's Rhinestone Silver Skull Kids Belt can transform a plain tee shirt and jeans into an edgier, cooler look. The same can be said about Lollipop Moon's Rhinestone and Pearl Kids Belt. This gorgeous belt can dress up a little girl's jeans and top. Cool kid's belts can also add a touch of personality to any outfit. Choose from fun belts with sayings such as, "princess" and "rock star".

Trendy Kid Hats - To make trendy baby clothes even trendier, add a cute hat on top. This way, your little one's head will stay warm and look cool at the same time. Lollipop Moon's top baby boutique beanies, such as the Pink Flowing Butterfly Beanie Cap add a touch of bling fashion to a little girl's outfit. Jamie Rae's pretty flower hats will look perfect with a girl's trendy baby clothing. Do not forget to add some edge to a boy's cool kid clothes with a skull beanie or peace beanie. Trendy kid hats are an easy way to add more fashion to an outfit, stay warm, and cover up a bad hair day.

Hair Accessories - Pretty flower hairbands make trendy baby clothes even prettier. Little girls look adorable with big flowers in their hair or around their heads. A pretty fabric headband can also add a pop of color to hip kid clothes. Any color or fabric headband will go with jeans and tee shirt or a solid -colored dress.

Leggings - Another way to make trendy baby clothes even trendier is to add a pair of leggings to it. Plain onesies get a whole new look when patterned leggings are added to it. The same goes with cool kid clothes. Change the look of a denim skirt and blouse with patterned or sparkled leggings. Leggings are another trendy accessory that will keep your little one warm when the weather is chilly.

There are so many ways to dress up your little one's trendy baby clothes with the right accessories. Accessories also make a great baby gifts for others too. Lollipop Moon has several adorable accessories available to make hip kid clothes even cuter. Try mixing and matching accessories too! Coordinate one of Lollipop Moon's butterfly belts with their butterfly beanies for the ultimate trendy baby clothes look.

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