Social networking is the most popular social medium on the internet and most social networking sites are totally free. This low barrier of entry means any guy who has internet access can get only and join one of these sites. The fact that social networking is becoming an almost cult phenomenon means that a lot of guys are joining these sites because it is seen as the cool thing to do. This means that the most desirable women are getting tones of messages from random guys every single day. Most of them they are ignoring and after a while they become immune to messages that don't stand out from the crowd.

Differentiating yourself with killer headlines is one of the best ways I know for separating yourself from the crowd. You cannot attract a woman if your email doesn't get opened. Once your email is opened I have found it very effective to give the woman a nickname which is kind of complimentary and affectionate while also being slightly making fun of her. Some examples might be: short stuff, little red riding hood, or putting the word princess in front of her name in a way that is over dramatizing what she has written in her profile.

If a woman makes any comment about being a princess or is acting like one in her profile you want to immediately start talking to her like she is a little girl. A lot of women secretly like a man who can take care of them and treat them like this kind of behavior from men, particularly hot young women.

You want to turn up anything a woman says in her profile and exaggerate it and make fun of it in a fun way. Making fun of her picture can also be another great way to tease her. You always want to test a woman and to challenge her in a fun way. If she is showing interest in you, you tone it down a little and challenge her in a way that encourages her to win you over.

It is important to show women interest for things outside their physical beauty or the simple fact that she is female. The best way I have found is to show a woman interest is to do so only after she has committed herself by investing in our online interaction.

Getting a woman involved by asking open ended questions or getting her to feel she has to add her bit of something you have said is a great way to ensure a response and to get her to convey her interest. Finally, with every outbound email you send make sure you include a call to action. A call to action is a line or two that you include at the end of your emails that suggests you take the next step in the progression.

Whether it be suggesting taking things offline and talking on the phone or meeting for a cup of coffee or even at a local club. You always want to be suggesting that you take things one step ahead of where you are already. If you don't allude to this she might not respond or may be confused when you do eventually ask her out as the intent hasn't been clearly established from the very beginning.

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