If you're a music lover and updated on the latest technology, then the ipod is the thing for you. It might be too much for your weekly allowance, but it is worth it. You would be heartbroken if something damaging happens to it. So to keep our ipod safe and sound, the ipod case should be on top of your list.

You do not have to worry about their durability because these ipod cases have been tested since 2001. However, you must not forget the fact that not all companies that manufacture ipod cases are very knowledgeable when it comes to case design.

In this week's iPod case roundup, I look at four hard cases for the iPod touch that use clear plastic. These cases provide shell-like protection without getting in the way (too much) of the iPod touch's looks. The stand rotates 360 degrees in 90-degree increments, and folds in when not in use. The stand doesn't have any clamping action, so it can't do double duty as a belt clip.

The case has an opening for the Sleep/Wake button, and I didn't have to dig to push the button. The bottom opening lets you access the iPod's dock-connector port and headphone jack. Power Support provides a separate rubber plug for the dock, but I misplaced it after a few days. Power Support also bundles a clear film to protect the screen. For those of you harboring a bit of buyer's remorse having shelled out the money for an iPod touch, when the device you truly wanted was an iPhone, we've got some cold comfort for you today.

A while back, we told you about a dandy case called the Apple Peel that provided 3G cell phone capabilities to the iPod touch. It was the stuff of fairy tales: a reasonably priced case that allowed iPod touch users to get their smartphone game on. We all looked at it, wondering how well it'd work. Would the Apple Peel fill our needs? Could those still clinging to their Motorola RAZR handsets finally enter the new decade? Only those with access to the Chinese black market could know for sure, as the case wasn't readily available stateside. That's right folks, according to a press release issued by GoSolar, the Apple Peel 520 will be hitting our shores in the very near future. So, what does it do?

Here's the lowdown:The Apple Peel 520 is an enclosure for an iPod touch that hosts an additional battery, SIM card and all the fixings required for you to transform your lowly iPod touch into the fully functional smartphone stud you always knew it could be. By slapping an Apple Peel case on your iPod touch, you'll gain access to close to five hours of talk time and close to 120 hours of stand by use.

There's no word on what the device will cost as of yet, but we can only imagine that it'll be significantly less expensive than the sticker price of a new iPhone 4. There are lots of ipod cases to choose from. You only have to choose wisely to get an artistic and attractive case that suits your ipod well. Don't just buy an ipod case off the rack because you need a case so badly. Ipod cases also reflect your personality, so don't purchase a design, faute de mieux.

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