The latest buzz that is sounding in almost all the ears is only about the electric cigarettes. Every time when you see the blog posts and the advertisements of the internet services you can definitely find one advertisement that is put up to popularize the electric cigarette or the e-cigarette. They are gaining high popularity amongst the people of many nations. The electric smokes are very much popular. The specialty of these cigars is that the smoke that is let out of the electric cigarette is not harmful. Many studies say that smoking not only affects their own personal health but also affect others health. This is because the smoke that is let out gets mixed up in the air and it pollutes the air. The smoke that is let out from smoking consists of carbon-di-oxide and other harmful poisonous gases. When they settle in the atmosphere they pollute it and when people inhale those gases, it leads to many harmful disorders in the body, related to the respiratory systems mainly. Some of the common effects of these poisonous gases are that these gases cause throat disorders, lung infections, difficulty in breathing and many such problems. Also some induce the carcinogens that are present in the body and they may result in cancer. These carcinogens are the cells that initiate cancer in the human body. Once these cells get activated they start multiplying in number and they start inducing cancers. People after reading this may think how can it be possible for cancer to get induced due to the smoke? The answer is yes, it is possible. These gases have a very powerful effect. They have the power to affect the carcinogens and activate them. The carcinogens are dead cells, but when exposed to those harmful gases they get active and become alive. They start multiplying, dividing, settle in a particular area and develop cancer in that particular area.

These electric cigarettes are very much highly in usage amongst the people. The name itself may sound to be cool so is the design of the product too. They resemble just like a pen. It just looks like a grand pen. But is not actually a pen shaped; instead it is a stylish cigar. The cigarettes when consumed do not put on smoke. This is the specialty of the product. The smoke which is actually mist is let out in very small amount and it is also not that much harmful and contains very minute amounts of nicotine. The amount of nicotine that is used as the cartridge in the cigarette is very much lesser and can be varied according to the need of the user who uses the electric cigarette. Though there are many advantages too, there are some minute disadvantages. It is not cent percent sure that smoking these electric cigarettes can never cause health problems, but instead may prove to be so in the later stages of life. They do no have immediate reaction but instead show it at a later stage with a bit lesser than the effect of the normal cigarettes.

People are turning to Electric Smokes to help them Stop Smoking.