The rate of change of technology has increased drastically and day by day it is increasing more and more. The most affected area of business is of the electronic gadgets. Everyday there is a new technology invented and the very next day its successor is launched. Os in this world of ever changing technology the person having the latest mobile is a transient thing. Still the most newest handset is said to be one of the latest mobile phones.These popular cheap mobile phones have the latest features like the most powerful and fast processors. They have the highest capacity of memory, whether internal ROM, internal RAM or external memory card. The capacity of a RAM has increased to 1 GB and more, while the external micro SD card capacity has reached upto 32 GB and more.

These new mobile phones have touchscreens that give you a complete fashionable look. There are two kinds of touchscreens, one is the conventional TFT and the other are AMOLED screens. The TFT is a cheaper option and the AMOLED is a bit expensive but the clarity is surely more. Then there are further two categories as capacitive and resistive/ the capacitive scree is a bit delicate so needs some extra care, while the resistive screen is more sturdy and tough to external damages. But the smoothness of the navigation is more in capacitive screens.

Latest Mobile Phone Deals are having very high resolution cameras. There was a time when there were only VGA cameras integrated in the mobile phones. But now the resolution has increased upto 12 megapixels.There are additional features like 3x optical zoom, autofocus, xenon flash, LED flash, Mode dial, variable apperture, tracking touch autofocus, face, smile and blink detection, Smart Auto mode, image stabilization, Beauty Shot. With all these features you don't need to carry your bulky digital camera.

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