People who want to get into day trading often say: "I want to learn day trading, but I did not become the necessary means to the day trading requirements. Remember, day trading is required, a minimum of $ 25,000 in your account.

In today's world can be a career-high with foreclosures of all time, with unemployment skyrocketing, etc., come with $ 25,000 a lot of money.

Hmmmmm …

Well, it's a way for you to be a part of day trading world withoutwith $ 25,000 in your account. You can learn to e-mini futures day trader. E-Mini day trading you can open an account with only $ 2500. And you can Daytrader with only $ 500. What could you have $ 500 for day traders (because you have to) to buy 100 shares?

Daytrading the E-mini S & P 500:

The E-mini S & P 500 futures contract is known. It deals with "contracts" instead of shares. The E-mini S & P 500 futures symbol "ES". The E-mini S & P 500 futures day trading is like all the top500 shares that make up the S & P 500 index at a time with only 1 table. The E-mini S & P 500 futures trends up and down to match the S & P 500 Index.

To buy 1 E-mini S & P 500 contract, which will cost about $ 500, depending on the broker must. E-mini S & P 500 futures trading on margin. Each broker decides the margin for its customers. Most futures brokers will give you trade 1 contract for $ 500. It is always better for you by a futures broker futures trading insteadthe brokers who trade primarily stocks and also trades futures. Futures brokerage commissions to cheaper and better margins.

The E-mini S & P 500 trades at 25cent increments. Trading in shares 1cent steps. Each 25cent increase is known,
like a tick.

- Discount Futures

Each contract trading e-mini S & P 500, you will be $ 12.50 a tick. There are 4 ticks to 1 point. Thus for every point that the e-mini S & P 500 futures moves in your favor, you make $ 50.

Example: LetsThey say that having a contract for a Long-They (the E-mini S & P 500 futures want to go up), around 1350, when the S & P 500 E-mini does not go up to $ 1350.25, you will $ 12.50. It costs $ 500, that a contract trading.

But you say … $ 12.50 is not much money. Well …..

- Discount Futures

If you bought 2 contracts you would make $ 25. Remember, 2 contracts for the purchase, you would need $ 1000 in your account.

How many contracts can you buy? It all depends on your risk model. When you first startDaytrading, you start day trading on a simulator and not with real money. Once you are consistently profitable in the simulator,
You start day trading with 1 contract. It can be 2 or 3 or 4 months ago. During this time, move slowly down to the number of contracts to exchange you.

Instead of 1 tick per trade, try 2 ticks per trade. 1 contract then you pay $ 25.

Watch this. Tell them to trade with 5 contracts for a total of $ 2500 And 1 trade for 2 ticks.Now $ 125 is $ 2500 on your investment. This is a 5% return on investment. Not too shabby. The bank pays you less than 5% annually. Most people in America do not make $ 125 per day.

Here's the best part. A trade, you should be less than 4 minutes of actual trading time. Their elapsed time before the monitor will be longer, but actually on the market, probably less than 4 minutes