Is there some age old secret for making your marriage work after your wife cheats? Probably not. In ancient times women led fairly isolated lives and didn't have as many opportunities to cheat as they seem to have in modern days.

The surprising news is that despite the common perceptions, women today account for nearly 50% of people who claim to have cheated in committed relationships. In the past that has not been the case. Why are the numbers among women cheaters growing so much? In a word: opportunity.

Women today have more freedom than ever before. They also are in positions to be viewed as equal to men more than ever before. Women are even beginning to hold more and more positions of power in the work place over men. This gives women more open and equal access to men than they've experienced at any other period throughout history.

What's the Secret to Making Your Marriage Work after She Cheats?

The secret is, there is no secret. There's no mystical magical potion you can use to make it all better. It all comes down to a decision. It's a choice you make to move forward with your marriage and devote your time and energy towards making your marriage work rather than allowing circumstances to tear your marriage apart.

1) Move past the pain. It's easy to dwell on the hurt and pain you feel after your wife cheats. It's difficult to move past those things and face a future you feel is uncertain or out of your control. But, you must move past the pain and, yes, the anger too if you are really interested in finding ways to save your marriage. It won't be easy but few worthy things in life are ever really easy. I'm willing to bet you believe your marriage is definitely worthy of saving.

2) Channel your anger. It's OK to be angry at a time like this. Really it is. It isn't the fact that you feel anger that causes problems in relationships. It's when you are unable to properly channel that anger that problems arise. You can be angry with the people you love without becoming antagonistic. You can even let them know you're angry. But you need to find a way to vent that anger so it doesn't become a stumbling block for your efforts towards making your marriage work.

These are both small steps that yield big results when you're working on making your marriage work after your wife cheats.



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