Hair Color & Skin Complexion:

Sometimes before you go prom dress shopping it can be fun to get a free makeover at a department store. This is a good opportunity for mother-daughter bonding, and it is a great time to ask the makeup artists what colors suit your daughter's complexion the most. Blondes, for example, might looked washed out in a white or beige dress if they aren't tanning regularly, whereas that same color might look great on a brunette. Getting tips from the makeup artist about your daughter's best colors for makeup can usually be helpful when picking out a dress too. If you need more help, think about watching a rerun of What Not To Wear for some great pointers by Clinton and Stacey!

Modest Preferences:

This one can be tough. You know what teenage boys are thinking for the most part, but your daughter may or may not have a realistic perception of teenage male hormones. Either way, the last thing you want is your daughter to go out scantily clad for prom. It is very helpful to lay down some ground rules before you even start browsing. For example, you could say, no strapless dresses, but halters or tank sleeves are ok. Some moms might prefer dresses to be knee length rather than barely substituting for a miniskirt. It is good to have these types of conversations with your daughter. If she knows your expectations beforehand, you won't have to waste time arguing over the dress with less fabric than your swimming-suit.

Current Trends & Styles:

It may feel like what's in is changing every month. That's because it is of course, how else would clothing companies stay in business? How do you stay cool as a Mom? Before you begin prom dress shopping, impress your daughter on how "in the know" you are by perusing the teen cosmo magazine the next time you are in line getting groceries. We all know how long standing in Walmart lines can take, so get caught up on your Vogue and know what kind of prom dresses 2011 will be, like OMG so popular!


Ah, the paradox of high school. Everyone trying so hard to be popular yet express theirown "nonconformist" styles. What's a girl to do? Take some ideas from current trends, add a splash of your own personality, and with our fashion designers breadth and depth of skill, create a dress that will be legit and unique!

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Online Shopping Fails: Expectation vs. Reality.
Shopping online is so fun and easy. It helps us find what we're looking for online instead of taking multiple trips around town. How could anything possibly go wrong?

Well, when shopping online, we cannot help but wonder if what we are seeing is exactly what we are buying. Our expectations can be really different than reality. We know there's a chance of what's being sent to our house to be something completely different. And there's nothing worse than being stuck with an item that is cheap and ugly.

We don't understand why online stores tend to dramatize on their products or how clothes look on skinny models, but there are many victims of bad online purchases. Why can't something we bought online be just like how we saw it? Instead, we are part of the unfortunate group who has dealt with online purchase fails. From terrible color differences to wrong sizes, shopping online becomes more and more frustrating.

Just take a look at these poor shoppers. They had no idea on what these cheap products would look like in real life. Beware when shopping online because you might easily receive in your mailbox one of these disasters.

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