Women who get herpes have intense guilt feelings and the feeling that they are unclean, dirty. A doctor says the same glum view has invaded the ranks of teenage herpes sufferers. Frequently, herpes seems to strike nice, healthy, educated, clean-cut Caucasians of the middle and upper classes. Indeed, one survey says that ninety five percent of sufferers are white. Blacks and the poor, who are not part of the self-help culture, are unlikely to turn up in herpes surveys, and may have more crushing problems to cope with than venereal disease anyway.

Children who are kept squeaky clean do not get as many cold sores as poor youngsters and thus are generally missing antibodies that protect them against herpes. It shows that only thirty percent of high-income men and women have immunity to genital sores by twenty, but in lower-income brackets almost all children develop the antibodies by five. With visions of herpes sores clouding each new encounter, would-be lovers who used to gaze romantically into each other's eyes now look for the telltale blink or averted glance of the dissembling herpetic.

One male skeptic even called the best friend of a woman he wanted to sleep with and asked if his intended had the disease. When or whether to tell a date that you have herpes is a thorny matter. The only agreement these days is that you don't do the telling in bed. Among sufferers, there is a feeling that women are more moral and honest than men about confessing to the disease. But a quick admission amounts to a warning bell that scares off potential mates. Many herpes sufferers think that it is not necessary to tell early in a relationship, or on one-night stands.

Women often have a harder time than men. They appear to suffer more physically in both the initial and subsequent episodes. During recurrent attacks of herpes, they have more lesions than men do, and the pain lasts twice as long. A few may spread the disease via shedding from the cervix without showing any overt symptoms. On the other hand, to complicate matters further, there are some women who are barely aware of their herpes outbreaks and the periods during which they are high transmission risks.

They sometimes have internal, hard-to-see lesions, and they may be carrying the virus in their genital secretions. For many women, the disease exacerbates their doubts about casual sex; they feel they were pushed into it by a permissive culture, then made to pay a heavy price. Unsympathetic friends and relatives can be an additional burden. Sure, there are antiviral drugs available, which can help, but they take time to process through the digestive tract to have a full systemic effect on herpes.

A cure is needed immediately once an outbreak appears. Pills often take time to take effect and are not a cure for herpes virus infections when full blown. Herpes cures are among the most difficult dermatological treatments to have success with. Plant medicine is a potent all natural antiviral cure for herpes.It is highly effective against herpes. It has a wide spectrum of antiviral activity against these viruses. The cure in this treatment has the ability to inactivate and destroy HSV, which has been established in published clinical trials.

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