HC shoes Network May 13 hearing, when the temperature both hot and cold so that the public do not know how to dress, but also disrupted the line shopping season. Both the counter and off the boots as low as 1,2, there are 6 to 8 one-off promotional shoes, as well as new

Listing Full price Sandals Go shopping ... shoes ... recent public areas is not difficult to find this winter spring and summer, "three quarters of living together" phenomenon. "Spring has not been the shelves late summer debut" became a common phenomenon in shopping malls.

"There last week to our mall to find customers to buy long-sleeved." Interviewed the beginning, planning department director Wei-Feng Li Zhonghaiyayuan such quips. He said that in previous years, the weather in Shenzhen by the end of March early April to start hot, summer debut on homeopathy. However, delays in summer this year in Shenzhen, the wishes of the public procurement is not strong summer, many brand new in the summer when they are more cautious, "only a little bit on the ground." Stores in Zhonghaiyayuan walk around, the reporter also found this phenomenon. Although the summer has become the new main shopping centers, but the long-sleeved cardigan, long sleeve T shirt and other clothes, or firm in the spring of a place. "In previous years, long-sleeved certainly no longer marketable at this time, after the Spring Festival direct summer after the spring after a short, but every day this year, also sold 12." A brand clothing

Sell Members told reporters. Experts said the purpose of general merchandise products apparent consumption characteristics, weather factors have a significant impact on sales, is often necessary to "look on the weather."

Sales rose year on year 51 And temperature, as in 51 department stores in Shenzhen have also ushered in a period of joy "spring." It is located in the East Gate of the Sun commercial Wadi data provided by department stores, small holiday sales this year, 51-year increase of 10% last year: "According to statistics, although the flow of people this year and last year's holiday flat, but the customer bought single amount raised, so sales are up year on year. I believe as the temperature increased, the summer sales will continue to Selling Well. "

Which is located in Longgang District Longgang Center Trade department also gives the same answer, according to Wollongong Planning Director of the WTO, said Gao Lei, shopping malls during the 51-year sales last year, "up a lot." "On the one hand is the restoration of consumer confidence, purchasing power is constantly increasing. On the other hand, after years of market cultivation and 'University Games' business opportunities, lead, Longgang Central District, increasingly popular, people's consumption habit forming. "Gao Lei said.

Just usher in a little sunny, the weather is overcast again. Heat on the heat that day said that the cold on the cold, just start with the summer in the end also to not make people wear? In fact, the fashion crush depressed and confused mind, heart and several meteorological experts. Through the spring characteristics of climate change analysis, and comparison with historical data over the same period, the experts concluded that: the spring of this year's Shenzhen special long.

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