Layering clothes is not only a huge trend at the moment but it can look great, be a practical way to dress and have lots of other benefits too.One of the best things about layering is that it can be used to create lots of different outfits with the same clothes. One top or dress can be transformed in so many ways depending on what you choose to layer it with. It also is a great way to create interest in a outfit. Different colours and fabrics can be layered over each other to create all sorts of interesting effects. A wardrobe that is built around layering pieces is a very versatile wardrobe that can easily be combined in different ways according to the weather of occasion.

Adding layers can adapt a piece of summer clothing for the autumn or winter. Think about wearing a summer dress over a long sleeved top or adding a long cardigan with a belt for a flattering and trendy look. Layering is also the perfect way to dress hen you are unsure of what the weather is going to do. If it is colder than expected you can add another layer. if it is warmer than expected just remove one layer. Layering is also a very flattering way to dress as long as you get it right. Layers help to create a smooth outline and skim over any lumps and bumps.

With all or these great reasons to layer clothes, you will probably want to start planning some layered utfits right away. But layering is not always quite as easy as it looks. There is an art to layering clothes and some tricks that you can use to ensure that your layered outfits look great.

* Everyone can easily have a go at layering by trying it in its simplest form. Try adding a vest top under a shirt or blouse, a short sleeved top over a long sleeved top or a dress over a polo neck jumper.

* Usually thin layers work best as they can be layered with out creating too much bulk although on the coldest of winter days, you may get away with layering thick knits.

* Think carefully about how the colours, textures and thickness of fabrics will work together. Lots of different textures will make an interesting outfit, layering in the same colour will have a really subtle effect and lots of similar colours worn together will often look great for example different shades of grey.

* This about lengths, arms and necklines and how they will work together. It usually works best if you layer shorter layers over longer ones. Short sleeves worn over long sleeves and low necklines over high necklines all give a really interesting layered look.

This purple and orange print cap sleeve gather neck top would look great when worn over a long sleeved t shirt.

This navy flower print sleeveless occasion dress would also work well when worn with a long sleeved top and cardigan.

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