Applying with mystery shopping companies to snag mystery shopping jobs is something not to be taken lightly. I have a brother that owns a mystery shopping company. Believe it nor not, we once received an application where a prospective shopper said, "I don't have the time to fill this out now, but if you hire me, you won't be disappointed." Obviously, the only disappointment experienced was by this prospective shopper who did not get any jobs.

The following are some tips from the perspective of one mystery shopping company owner. Many of these tips may seem obvious, however, of the applications they receive, only 1/3 of them are accepted. Therefore, it might be a good idea to review the points listed here and try to adjust your application if you think it contains any of these negative aspects.

1. The biggest reason for applications being turned down has to do with our question asking for a paragraph giving details on any recent visit to a store or restaurant. The following is what we look for:

- Complete paragraph with at least 5 sentences giving details on the visit. One or two sentences is not enough to provide details.

- Good grammar.

- Spelling.

- Sentences that are structured in such a way that we clearly understand the information that the applicant is trying to convey. We've actually received applications where we had no idea what the applicant was trying to say. It is imperative for this job that you know how to communicate at least in a basic way through written word - it's how we interpret your reports.

2. Incomplete applications. This one is obvious. Not all questions answered.

3. What I would call "lazy" applications. Sometimes this can be in the form of all caps or all lower case letters. My thought is that if the applicant won't take the time to fill out the application with care, the same might be true for a real world shopper report.

Case in point. Recently, he needed a shopper in an area where we were low on shoppers. An application was not filled out thoroughly. We used the shopper anyway. Big mistake! She accepted the assignment but forgot to actually go. We were left scrambling to get the shop done.

4. In rare cases, they do get applicants who don't fit the shop parameters. Example, they do several restaurants with bars. The shopper does have to be over a certain age. Sometimes we get applicants who are too young despite the age range listed on our job posting.

So, the bottom line on this is -- shoppers want jobs -- click here to view some listings. There wouldn't be that many openings available if there weren't a huge demand for workers in thie field. Mystery shopping companies need shoppers. It is to the benefit of both to have applications that are filled out with care. And, further, applicants who fill out applications well will most likely get the better jobs.


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