The PDF file was actually developed by Adobe Systems during the earlier part of the 90s. An acronym for Portable Document Format, the PDF file's primary purpose was the representation of 2D or 2-dimensional documents in such a way that these would be independent of both device and display resolution. The huge advantage of the PDF file is actually the fact that it can be read by almost all web browsers circulating the industry on most devices as well. And over the years, because of the convenience brought about by the PDF file, sit has actually been one of the preferred file formats used by a lot of industries, such as colleges, medical institutions, even governmental jurisdictions. With all the PDF files existing all around, it becomes a must to know the basics on using PDF search engines.

If you think about it, it is no longer much of a surprise how institutions prefer to convert their files into PDF files. This is because the PDF file is so flexible - in such a way that it can store so much information. However, there are still risks entailed here. This is because just about anyone can access any PDF file, as long as that person has a computer and a little background on how to retrieve such files.

Another major drawback that these PDF files have is the fact that only one file can be searched at a time. And you can do this by means of only the "find tool" built within the document. So, if you need to do a manual search of phrases and words that occur across several PDF files, you need to do this over and over again. You need to access the built-in "find" feature and then view all results brought about individually. You can just imagine how time-consuming this must be - not to mention how tedious!

But all of that was way before. It is indeed a good thing that software developers realized how much of an inconvenience this was for PDF users. So much more that the file is preferred by thousands of users all over the world! The result? The development of new generation software that allows you to do searches across multiple files! This time around, this software, which basically functions just like your typical search engine, gathers a cache of multiple PDF files. The software then reviews all of the files and then the multiple results are then presented. The search results you get from Google or Yahoo are pretty much what you would get from this search engine as well.

But what is even better about these search engines is the fact that you do not need to limit yourself to PDF files. This is because the search engine can retrieve other file formats for you as well. And all of these searches can even be done simultaneously!

Having a PDF search engine is indeed handy, especially during times when this particular file format is preferred by so many people all over the globe.

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