Are you shopping for your boys and trying to figure out what this year's top toys for boys are? While some people think that finding just the right toy is a piece of cake, what they don't really know is that one toy truck is not the same as the other and only certain action figures portraying cartoon characters will do the trick. However, kids as young as three can be knowledgeable with these things and they will hanker after their wants and never let up until they get it. If you're one of those who are wondering just what that crazy looking Rip Rider does or what in the world a Bakugan is then you're at the right place because these are some of the best toys for little boys for the 2010 holiday season.

Action Figures

There are several action figures included in the list of the top toys this Christmas which includes the Bakugan 7-in-1 Maxus Dragonoid based on the very famous Japanese anime. This toy will arrive as little balls in a package that can be turned into several different robots. You can also get the Bakugan Battle Arena which is very much like the Pokemon game years back where you can come to blows with three opponents and some magnetic spheres pop out as some of your favorite characters. The only thing to keep in mind with this toy is that both the cards and the action figures are sold separately from this kit.

Another action figure that is also based on one of the greatest animation from decades ago and turned into a major action flick is Transformers. Some of these toys like Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and their arch enemy Megatron are rather more expensive than the usual and it is no surprise , since these robots are collectors' items and may be worth more in the next few decades.

Remote Control Toys

Have you ever met a boy who didn't grow up with some sort of remote controlled toy? This can be an amazing gift idea this year for your young ones. The Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck is so cool that it can do 360 degree turns, it has a real exhaust pipe with a bulb, and it has four wheel gears. At 20 pounds and 24 inches, this monster truck can be used on different terrains from smooth tile floors to your pebbled gardens outside.

Bigfoot the Monster, on the other hand, is a 9-pound gorilla which can walk back and forth, roars when angry or happy (one can never tell), raises his fists or strikes his chest with it, burps and says 'excuse me' and does so many other things with just a press of a button on the remote control that comes with it.


Although the most renowned train toy for toddlers is Thomas (and his friends), there are other sets which you can definitely get your little boy this Christmas which can last you a long time if you are a bit more careful about keeping every single part. This year's standout train is the Tomica Station Hypercity Set that includes the coolest purple train, an incredibly long set of tracks that you can wind around your living room, a snazzy parking area for all the cars, and a Mega Station that lets you control the movement of everything.  There's no doubt that this will be a favorite for the boys, making it one of this year's top toys for boys for 2010!

Christmas shopping for your little boys will become much easier as soon as you can review this year's top toys for boys.   There are so many great choices to choose from and you'll be sure to find one to fit your child's personality.  Holiday shopping will never feel like a chore again!

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