There are a variety of things to do in Chiclayo Peru. Chiclayo, also known as "The City of Friendship," was founded in the 1560s by Spanish priests. Chiclayo was inhabited by a largely indigenous population rather than Spanish colonizers. It is a center for witchcraft, has some of the best cuisine in Peru, and is well known for its archaeological sites.

The Top 5 Things to Do In Chiclayo Peru Are:

1) The Lord of Sipan (El Señor de Sipan) - La Huaca Rajada

The Lord of Sipan is a mummy found in the Huaca Rajada tomb. Built by the Moche culture around 1 AD to 700 AD, the Huaca Rajada is considered by some to be the most important archaeological discovery in the region in the last 30 years; because the tomb of Sipan was untouched by thieves. A total of four tombs have been found in the Huaca Rajada.

2) The Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum (Museo de las Tumbas Reales de Sipan)

This museum is built in the pyramidal form of ancient Moche tombs and displays the most important findings of the Huaca Rajada. On display are tiny gold figurines, gold and turquoise jewelry, pottery, ornaments and much more. It is one of the most impressive museums anywhere.

3) Batan Grande - Señor de Sican (Lord of Sican)

Batan Grande is an important archaeological location of the Sican, Moche and Chimu cultures. In the Huaca El Loro the tomb of the Señor de Sican was discovered. There are 30 monumental adobe platforms in the area and huge amounts of valuable jewelry and gold, much like the Sipan area, have been extracted.

4) Tucume

Tucume encompasses 26 major adobe pyramids and mounds that were developed by the Lambayeque people in AD 1000 and 1375. It was a major regional center, and the Huaca Larga is the longest adobe structure in the world. There is also an onsite museum.

5) Pimentel

This is a unique beach resort popular with surfers. Sea-going reed boats, known as the Caballitos de Totora, have been used since ancient times and locals use them to go fishing. There are several seafood restaurants in the area.

Chiclayo Peru is an interesting city. Its plethora of intriguing ruins, scenic countryside and vibrant culture, makes traveling in the area a rich and exciting experience.

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Boston, Massachusetts Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions
Boston is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula in 1630 by Puritan colonists from England.
The most important places to visit in Boston are: Boston Common (starting point for Freedom Trail, dating back to 1634, this central public park is loved by locals as well as visitors), Massachusetts State Building (given its gold dome, the state capital can not be missed. It is the seat of the Massachusetts government), Faneuil Hall (constructed in 1742, it has been an important meeting hall. Today there's a market that offers many places to eat and shop), Beacon Hill (a famous historical neighborhood of Boston, amidst its well preserved streets, you will feel like you've gone back in time), Granary (part of the Freedom Trail, it was built in 1660. The site is the resting place for many prominent personalities and statesmen), Trinity Church (said to be one of the greatest buildings in the country, for a special treat, attend a concert during Christmas season), Harvard University (considered to be the world's greatest academic institution, you can tour its campus to soak in the wonderful ambiance), Copley Square (many important buildings with diverse architecture styles are here. This is also the site of the Boston Marathon's finish line) and many more.
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