Gurgaon is considered as the 6th largest city in the state of Haryana, India. This city has an estimated population of 228,820, according to the Indian 2001 census. It has grown a lot in the last ten years possibly because of its closeness to South and North Delhi. The city of Gurgaon also emerged as the main outsourcing destination and real estate market in the northern part of India.

This city is a significant town in terms of Hindu mythology. Furthermore, it is a part of New Delhi's 4 major satellite cities and therefore it is regarded as a member of the National Capital Region of India. Gurgaon has become the trendy and classy area of New Delhi for its numerous condominiums, villas and malls with a lot of multi-national brands.

This city is widely known for its numerous shopping facilities and malls which can be attributed to its recent growth and development. Moreover, it is regarded as the Unofficial Mall Capital of India. Although this city does not have much of a history, it is now making its name by opening new shopping centers almost every year.

The first malls, namely the MGF Metropolitan Mall and the City Center Mall are built along the MG Road. After that, a lot of new shopping centers sprung around Gurgaon. The Ambi Mall is the largest shopping mall in South Asia and India. It is even the 7th largest mall in Asia.

The Gold Souk and Wedding Mall are said to be one of the few specialty malls in the area. The so-called Mall of India is expected to be the world's 9th largest mall. Almost all of the new malls in Gurgaon targets high-end consumers. These new malls are solely dedicated to multi-national fashion brands such as Versace and Channel. Major shopping malls are closed every Tuesday due to their electricity-saving act of the country.

Recreational Activities
There are various sports and health clubs around Gurgaon, where in, almost all of the real estate companies have built recreational facilities within their very own residential complexes.

Popular sites for weekend getaways in the city are Pataudi Palace and Neemrana. These sites are historical hotel resorts. Near the city is a region called Shekhawati, hosting the best havelis in the country along with amazing frescoes.

The appeal of havelis is so popular through the region of Shekhawati. It is now termed as the open art gallery of Rajasthan. The abundance of havelis within the rich and artistic tradition makes it fascinating and commendable. Some of the buildings in the area are dated between the 18th and 20th centuries.

Cafes, Restaurants and Bars
Gurgaon also has recreational activities. There are bars along the city offer great forms of themes and entertainment. In terms of restaurants, some of them offer authentic Indian dishes while some offer cuisines from around the world. Most of the cafés, restaurants and bar are found along the MG road. This is also where you can find their fashion district.

The night clubs in this city offer the best services and comfort. Nowadays, these clubs are inventing ways on how to lure a lot of costumers. Other clubs opt for discounts while some opt for expensive lightings and weekly events. Some bars in the city play American music so as to lure expatriates.

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