Every time before Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim dress (baju muslim) abundant product. Starting from various styles, colors, and sizes. Quite often with the lure of discounts. Well, things that should be considered as if Muslim Clothing Shopping(belanja baju muslim?

Here is the answer:

- Define your goals Muslim clothes shopping, whether for personal consumption or for resale. If only for own consumption, you can shop at the boutique, for example. But if for resale, you should be Muslim clothes shopping directly with the manufacturers or wholesalers.

- Determine budget Muslim clothes (baju muslim). To be strict on the budget, make a shopping list of what Muslim clothes must be purchased. For example: koko shirt for her husband and young son, to your shirt, long sleeves tops for girls who have been teenagers, and so forth.

- Make sure your clothes shopping syar'i Muslim. Make sure the clothes are not strict Muslims, do not stare, do not form a body, and closing the aurat.

- Note the size of the body potential users Muslim clothes (busana muslim). When shopping Muslim clothes, make sure you take note, as well as make sure the seller is that the clothes clothing can be exchanged if size is less fit.

- Specify time Muslim clothes to wear, so you can choose the appropriate Muslim dress when shopping. For example, to choose a daytime event Muslim clothes with sweat absorbing material and bright colors. As for the evening event, you can choose dark colors, neutral, or gold and silver.

- Adjust the Muslim dress with a matching headscarf. Mix and match colors do not have to veil and dress the same color. Berkreasilah with a variety of colors. Find a dominant color in shades of your Muslim clothes and jadkan it as the color of your veil.

- Always check the condition of Muslim dress in the middle of Muslim clothes shopping, if the buttons can be opened and closed all, neat hem, and the color is faded or not. Find out how to maintain, if need be ironed till smooth, should be washed with dryclean way, and so forth.

- Always ask the seller, how much discount or discount you get if you spend more than one Muslim clothes. Even when you only purchase one Muslim clothes, make sure whether the price is still negotiable.

- Ask the seller or manufacturer, regarding the possibility that you become a member. Generally, members and resellers will receive special discounts when shopping Muslim clothes.

- Note that events will be held manufacturer discounts Muslim clothes for a year. So when the event arrives discount, you're ready to shop for clothes Muslims.

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CLOTHES SHOPPING at the MALL | Responding to HATERS & Instagram Food

I did the Shopping Challenge with Hope Marie on Jazzy Girl Stuff last week and ended up having to return some of the clothes Hope bought http://bit.ly/2umMFIY. They weren't my style. No point in wasting money on things I won't wear, right? So, mom and I went to the mall to exchange them, what did I buy? See in this video. We went to Dillards and Bath and Body Works, Chick Fil A for lunch and Justice. While we were there we saw that ice cream you see on Instagram that freezes and is scraped into rolls, Ice NY! When I get home I do a shopping haul!
Wanna binge watch Annie’s BACK TO SCHOOL videos? → http://bit.ly/2uBawWk
So on that Shopping Challenge video I got a LOT of HATE comments and also on my testing Crop top video too http://bit.ly/2sYPSuG. In this video I talk in 2 parts, at 1:30 and at 9:30 about the hate and give my opinion back!! What do you think? It's perfectly fine for people to have opinions and say them, but remember there is often another story! There is always another way of looking at something.... you think I ACT like a teenager... well maybe this is actually the way I am, cause of my personality or cause I am always around older people and maybe I am happier this way and don't feel like I am missing out on my childhood! Let the discussion begin!

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The Shopping Challenge http://bit.ly/2umMFIY
Testing Crop Tops http://bit.ly/2sYPSuG
Updated What's on My iPhone http://bit.ly/2sYPNaA
Q&A, including my most embarrassing moment http://bit.ly/2voJvBw
Check out my first LIVE STREAM (with Bloopers at the start as we try to work out how to get the video to work!!) http://bit.ly/2tqKtMz and then I talk about and make slime for AN HOUR!!!! lol

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