Many parents are unsure how to dress their son for his First Communion, a very momentous and special event that generally takes place around age seven or eight. This occasion symbolizes the initiation of an adolescent into a group sharing similar cultural, religious, or spiritual values.

It is important to ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for this special event, as photographs are often taken to commemorate and memorialize this milestone. This article will help parents who are shopping for boys communion suits identify key things to think about when making their selection.

Shopping Considerations

When shopping for this special celebratory event, keep the following things in mind:

1.Budget - Boys communion suits are available in a wide range of prices, from secondhand and inexpensive to formal and top of the line. Find a retailer that offers quality craftsmanship within your specific budget. Consider whether or not the formalwear can be used again for another event, or passed down and used for another child.

2.Return/Exchange Policy - Check with your retailer for their return and exchange policy. Because fit is so important, if you are ordering online, you will want to ensure that you can exchange or return an unworn item if it doesn't work.

3.Availability/Shipping - Each retailer will have certain boys suits in stock, and others will need to be special ordered. When shopping online, check the availability of the formalwear and accessories you'd like to order, as well as the estimated shipping times and costs.

4.Accessories - Don't forget to purchase matching accessories for your boys suits, such as socks and shoes.

Other Considerations

1.Sizing - Take accurate measurements of your child to ensure a proper fit. Because this is such an important occasion, it is essential that the clothing allows for adequate movement but does not look overly large or bulky. Similarly, the formalwear should not appear too tight or too short.

2.Season - Consider the season during which your event will take place. Boys communion suits tend to be five pieces: shirt, pants, vest, jacket and tie. In warmer temperatures, a waistcoat may be substituted for the jacket.

3.Formality - A communion is often a formal event. Typically, formalwear is all white in color, symbolizing not only purity, but the child's faith in their intention to devote themselves to this particular spirituality or religion. Some churches may request a dark suite with a white shirt. In addition, some customs require alternative dress. For example, Scottish custom dictates the child wear full conventional kilt regalia, while Latin custom requires a military-type uniform with gold braiding. Ask your church for specific color requirements.

Consignment And Heirloom Formalwear

Some families will prefer to pass down formalwear for a First Communion, or find boys suits at a consignment store to save money. If this is a consideration for your family, ensure that the attire is dry-cleaned ahead of time, and in good repair.

Whether shopping in-store or online for boys communion suits, taking into consideration these things will ensure your child is dressed appropriately for such a special event.

Chris Harmen writes for the online retailer of boys suits,, a site providing a wide variety of boys communion suits and other children's formalwear.

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