Nowadays, white-collar family in urban life are subjected to varying degrees, plagued with various syndromes, including sub-health syndrome, stay up late syndrome, syndrome and other weekend. Among them, the vast majority of people will often fatigue, insomnia, depression, loss of appetite and other symptoms, physically and mentally fatigued.

"Syndrome" intensified A company in Changchun Yue serving only two years of college, he found in a recent examination of high blood lipids, liver and other alcohol problems. Turns out, he usually cope with the tremendous work pressure while also frequently deal with wine Bureau. "Now, I not only feel good immunity in the fall, working conditions are very difficult to return to the previous level of the." Yue told reporters.

A company in Wuxi city's Eon to work for 5 years. Due to the increasing pressure, by night she is usually to resolve stress, insomnia will follow. "Insomnia has become routine for me, ate sleeping pills are not effective, and it is painful." Eon said she also suffered from the weekend syndrome, manifested as both longing for the weekend, they fear the weekend extremely contradictory.

At the same time, bring high-tech mobile phone syndrome, such blog syndrome has become the new troubled urban white-collar workers.

Juan is Haikou City in a white-collar class. She was a year ago opened a blog in the hope of reducing stress, and never thought it could get very "crazy." Write a blog to view from the other blog, her blog has become an indispensable part of life. "Every day one to the office, the first thing I did was open the blog, see Bo Friends of the message." She said, if you see no new message, she will feel very frustrated. "I feel my life has been lived blog to contain." She said helplessly.

"Syndrome" has become a social problem

Jilin counseling women and children, Senior Counselor Song Fei said that the acceleration of urbanization process in China will inevitably lead to accelerate the pace of city life and the breeding of impulsiveness, increasingly fierce competition in today's society, white-collar crowd in order to survive and develop The hard work will inevitably lead to burnout, causing many of the "syndrome." In fact, this situation occurs not only in our country, in the United States, Japan, Korea and other developed countries the same.

Jilin University, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Social Sciences, paint thinking that the "syndrome" is not only white-collar appearance of a personal problem, it is a social problem, one of the root causes of social employment mechanism is imperfect. Currently, finding a job is a prominent social problem. White-collar work in order to keep existing, have to compete, or to find a better job and pay more of the physical and energy. "If you perfect the mechanisms of social employment, everyone can find a suitable location, people will naturally reduce the pressure." Paint Jones said.

He said, "syndrome" intensified and our current system is not perfect therapy also has a lot. Abroad, psychologists have been into the home, and in our country, not only out-patient mental or psychological consulting rooms are not sound enough and norms, the society has not advocated to encourage an atmosphere of psychological counseling, most people no sense of psychological counseling. Even if someone wants to see a psychiatrist, is also worried about the privacy leak.

Paint thought that the elimination of "syndrome" is a systematic project to rely on the efforts of all sectors of society, such as the establishment of a sound employment security system, and psychological treatment system. In this way, not only for white-collar workers to provide more employment opportunities, but also provide more and more appropriate way of psychological decompression.

Not become a "syndrome" of the slave

Armed Police Corps Hospital of Hainan psychological practitioner He Junping, said people in the community survival and development, the pressure is normal, because the only driving force pressure. Calmly deal with the pressure, the key is to find strong point. First, self-awareness and positioning to be reasonable.

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