Golf can be a game you play on a sunny day, or it could be a game you play in challenging winds and rain, each provides a varying degree of difficulty and individual challenges that will test you and hopefully improve your golfing skills. You may see professional golfers taking to the course in particularly strange and vibrant clothing, especially British golfer Iain Poulter who is well known as one of the more "jazzy" dressers on the course.

Not everyone has the daring attitude to wear clothes on the golf course as Poulter but there is specific clothing that can be worn for golf that can help us perform better as well as handle the weather we experience when out playing golf.

Most golf clubs will have a dress code which you need to adhere to in order to play golf there; this is usually no jeans or trainers. This is an image based decision but it can also be good advice for players too. Jeans are quite restrictive when playing golf where your hips and legs will be making plenty of movement during a golf swing. Trainers can be slippery on wet grass and so proper golf shoes with spikes will help your feet stay rooted to the ground.

In warmer weather you are going to be out in the sun which as well as being hot can be bright, dazzling golfer so it may be worth while wearing a cap or visor for when staring down the range to the next flag. Lighter polo shirts are favoured when the weather is warm, some sports brands such as Nike and Adidas are famed for golf shirts that handle sweat well and keep you cool under pressure.

In colder weather a good thermal jumper can be vital to keep your core temperature up. If you get cold on the course it can cause your muscles to tighten up which could lead to an injury as you take a swing. Wearing thermal gloves between holes can help keep your hands warm, wearing a golfing glove when taking a shot can help you keep a better hold of the club especially if it is raining.

In the rain you may be forced to abandon play if it gets particularly bad, in some cases it may just be a case of a passing shower but rain water can not only make you cold and susceptible to catching a cold it can also weight you down as your clothes become heavy. This is why many golfers will typically have a set of water proof clothing consisting of a jacket and trousers than can keep the rain off you and can be stored away quickly into your golf bag afterwards.

In general you should make sure that you are comfortable when out on the golf course and that you can move freely, many golf club shops sell golf clothing so you may want to have a quick browse before you set off on the course.

Make sure your equipment and clubs are protected against thefts with golf club insurance, and even more importantly if you are playing golf abroad as there are golf travel insurance policies available.