Fashionable shoes are always a craze amongst women. Stilettos, Mules, and Ballet Flats, women have a different pair of shoe for every occasion. Style, durability and glamour are the three key features of every womans shoe. Owning footwears of her favourite brand is every womans dream.

However, when it comes to purchasing the right pair of shoes its a tough deal. Getting the perfect fit in your budget is not an easy task especially if you are very choosy. While shopping for your favourite pair of shoes one comes across so many options that she remains too confused to make a choice.

Here are five tips that will make your task easier:

Compare the Products from different Brands

Being loyal to a particular brand doesnt always help. You might be obsessed of your favourite brand but that doesnt necessarily mean that the others wont offer you a better choice. Every brand has a speciality. Say for example if a particular brand specializes in making Stilettos, its not necessary that the same brand sells the best Ballet Flats. So look around, compare the different brands and then make a choice.

Examine your Shoe well

Its very important to inspect your shoe well before making a purchase. Take a detailed look at the shoe from various angles to be sure of your choice. You should also have a little look at minute things like the stitch, material, etc.

Know your Shoe Size

Different brands have a different shoe size which means that size 7 in Brand A might be size 8 in Brand B. Its is hence very important to try the shoe and see if it fits you well. Once you are sure that your choice is a perfect fit you can very much go ahead and look forward to purchasing it.

Take a little walk in the store with the Shoes on

Even if the pair of shoe is a perfect fit it might not be comfortable for you to walk in. Walking a bit inside the store does you no harm and you can very well be sure about the comfort level of a particular shoe. Never go for shoes which do not allow you a free movement of your toes. One should not just be conscious about the brand name or the glamour in a shoe as the comfort level is also a major question.

Do not assume that Flats are better than High Heels

The assumption that Flat shoes are more efficient than the High heeled ones is actually a false notion. Completely flat soles can cause your feet to roll inward while walking. The better choice always is a flat foot wear with a contoured foot-bed.

Some flats also come with a built-in-arch support to make your feet and ankle more stable. Many good designs come with straps between your mid-foot to make it a more comfortable fit. For daily use, choose a shoe with a heel between a half inch to an inch.

Keep these small tips in your mind the next time you go shopping and you can be sure that this time itll be a more pleasant experience.

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